We offer gait analysis, customized orthotics, and orthopedic footwear to assist with foot function and treat or prevent injury and pain.

Specializes in diabetic and arthritic footwear, sport orthotics, ankle braces, knee braces and modifications to various types of athletic footwear

Orthotics & Footwear in Guelph

Getting You Back On Your Feet

Our feet support us and transport us, and in doing so bear the brunt of pain and even injury. Whether you are on your feet all day, have experienced an injury due to health or sports, or have had enough of wearing uncomfortable shoes, orthotics and proper footwear makes a world of difference. Billings Orthotics & Footwear in Guelph, Ontario, has helped many people get back on their feet to improved comfort and health.

Custom Orthotics & Footwear

At Billings Orthotics & Footwear we understand that everyone is different. What one patient experiences is something completely different from another. Not to mention, everyone has completely different feet and physical needs. That’s why our team takes the time to listen, explain, and provide an effective treatment. We offer orthopedics, custom made orthotics, and modifications to footwear – everything is customized to your specific needs.

Focused on Your Health

It is our main goal to treat patients, helping them recover quickly and efficiently. We want you to regain your health so you can enjoy walking, running, and being back on your feet. Our team offers gait analysis and can assist you in feeling healthy and comfortable again.

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