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Walk, Run, and Live Your Life

Your Dedicated Orthotics Team

Billings Orthotics & Footwear is a team of professionals dedicated to our patients’ health. We offer custom orthotics and footwear that helps patients get back on their feet, feel comfortable, while treating any pain or injury. From a gait analysis to orthopedic appliances, we are here to help you.

It's All Connected

Our bodies are intricate systems that are all connected. If you are experiencing back or neck pain, the cause can sometimes be found with the feet. Orthotics and orthopedics is one way to lessen and treat pain, correcting the way you walk as well as aligning your spine. This is all in the effort to improve function, treat, and prevent injury or pain.

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We look forward to helping you at Billings Orthotics & Footwear. Call or visit us to learn more about orthotics in Guelph!

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